Money Moves

5 Smart Ways to Use Personal Loans

Rufus Giwa

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase ‘instant loan’? Do you leap for joy at the quick opportunity to finance all kinds of trivial and careless expenses? Or are you the uptight kind of person who feels a loan is an undesirable speck on your clean financial record?

Truth be told, loans come in very handy in many situations and they can be very simple to access contrary to popular opinion. However, the advantages you enjoy from personal loans are largely determined by how clever you are with how you use them. 

To help you, we’ve listed five valuable things you can do to make your kwikmoney loan work for you.


With kwikmoney, amazing investment opportunities don’t have to pass you by. An investment is a great way to get back significant value from a loan. One great reason to spend your loan on investment is that you not only have enough to pay back at the end of the tenure, you would have also made some extra cash to help with other expenses in the future. When selecting investment opportunities, however, be sure to assess the returns wisely. The higher the return, the higher the risk, so make sure you’re well informed. 


Bring your business ideas to life with a personal loan. Since kwikmoney gives you cash at lightning-speed, the days of missing out on life-changing business ventures because of financial helplessness no longer exist. Instead of spending your personal loans on impulse buying, why not seal up that new business deal or finance that side hustle you’ve been dreaming about for a while now. There’s no time like the present, so seize the opportunity.

Self-development is an outstanding way to get value from a personal loan. No amount of self splurge is as rewarding as empowering yourself with a new skill or certification. kwikmoney loans don’t just put money in your pocket, they provide you with timely financial assistance to grab the next opportunity to add value to yourself and increase your personal market value.


If you are the artistic type who enjoys creating things with your hands, kwikmoney can give you that little extra push that you need to transform your hobby into a promising enterprise. Make a list of all the materials you need to create your craftwork in larger numbers; find out where to purchase these items and let kwikmoney help you do the rest. When you are done creating, be sure to share your finished work with your family, friends and on social media to attract paying clients and turn this into a money-spinner.


Being miserly with spending is not always wise. Some bills need to be attended to today in order to save you from more expenses tomorrow. For instance, it is better to immediately fix a plumbing issue in your house or unusual noise in your car than to delay placing a call to the plumber or taking your car to the mechanic because of lack of funds. What is sure to happen is that the longer you delay, the worse the problem gets, which means even more money would be required to fix the problem eventually. Don’t delay, with kwikmoney, you can solve today’s problems today.

Financial freedom is more than getting a bank alert. It is the ability to make well informed financial decisions that help you actualize your dreams. That’s why, whether it is as little as ₦500 or as much as ₦200,000, kwikmoney promises to be there for you. Remember, no matter what the value of your loan is today, you can build up your loan value as you borrow and repay early. 

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