Don’t get caught in the dark, pay with kwikmoney instead


There are some embarrassing moments that you can easily brush off and move on but some embarrassing situations last a lifetime.

Imagine inviting a girl you really want to impress over to your place and your meter runs out and you don’t have the money to reconnect. A hot, stuffy apartment, no working microwave, fridge, and no entertainment is a sure way to be permanently relegated to the friend zone.

Or you tell your boys not to go to a sports bar but come over to your place to watch “el Classico” as you want to host them to an unforgettable football experience. And your meter runs out right before Messi takes a crucial penalty and you don’t have money to reconnect. The only thing that won’t be forgotten is how you made them miss the match of the season.

On days like these, when you are strapped for cash and need to restore your electricity. Just visit and pay for your electricity with a kwikmoney loan. It’s so simple, click on buy electricity; input your meter number; input how much electricity you want to buy, and choose pay with a kwikmoney loan.

Voila, you are reconnected and the game is back on! Remember to visit to repay the loan within 14 days to keep enjoying this service. When next you need to save your street cred, pay with kwikmoney on Terms and conditions apply.